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The Jukebox Project

dah nahnuh doodle oodle doo doodle oodle doo

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The shoebox_project is YOUR LIFE.
Music might also be YOUR LIFE.
Behold, the jukebox_project.

Post music that reminds you of Shoebox, a character, toast, etc.
One song, a couple, a SBP!Soundtrack - anything goes!
If it's Shoeboxy, we want it here.

1. All posts should be on topic.
Post music! Talk about the music!
Theorize about the influence of music on Shoebox!
DON'T talk about how cute your new puppy, Padfoot, is
or tell us all about today's Shoebox Moment.

2. This is a music elitism-free zone.
We love music. We love you. That means we love YOUR MUSIC.
If Fall Out Boy reminds you of Prongs, then you post that, girlfriend!

3. Songs should be uploaded to share, if possible.
Lyrics are cool, downloads are better. Some good free services are:
- yousendit
- SendSpace
- Mega Upload
- RapidShare

4. Comment when you download something
People are going out of their way to provide you with music,
especially if they're hosting the music on their own domain.
Comment! It's good manners and good manners are, well, good.

5. Don't be such a Snivellus.
We don't want any drama here, just good fun.

Your mods are:

What they say, goes.

Worship them.

Every month, the Jukebox will host a Theme Contest, which works like this:

- WE assign a certain theme for the month
ex: Enchanted Mistletoe : Christmastime with the Marauders.
- YOU get twelve days to upload the songs
that you think match the theme best.
- EVERYONE votes on the top ten best songs, and
- WE compile the winners into that month's
Official Shoebox Soundtrack of Awesomeness,
complete with matching artwork and links to download

Current Theme: Nothing Says Cool Like Dragonhide Trousers!: A Gid & Fay Mix
Next Theme Month starts on: October 1st, 2006

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Do you jukebox? Show your colors!

The RIAA indicates that all music downloaded should be
removed from your computer after twenty-four hours.
Songs downloaded here are meant to be previewed only.
We cannot control what you do with the music that you
download, but we greatly encourage you to go out and
buy the music. Please do not sue us, thanks.

Let the posting begin.